8 Tips to Save a LOT of Money in the Grocery Store

Groceries are a necessity. An extremely expensive yet non negotiable necessity. If you’re shopping solo, for two or for a large family, you know how expensive grocery shopping can be! There seem to be suggestions for saving all around the stores you shop in, but it can be confusing if you don’t preplan what you’re going to buy. Here are some tips that have worked for me in order to save money for our growing family.

Flyer Shop

I use an app called “Reebee” which shows patrons all of the flyers in their local area. This app allows people to scan through the flyers, see what deals are offered that week and create shopping lists based on the items that are on sale. It also gives you the space to include other items that may not be on sale as well. It’s a great tool to use to meal plan as well because it allows you to search for specific items or brands. There is another similar, popular app called “Flipp” that many people use as well. Nifty!

Buy in Bulk

Buy in bulk when you can! If you have the space to purchase non perishable items when they’re on sale, take advantage of the opportunity! Things like tomato sauce, canned vegetables, broths and pasta will keep for a long time, and you will save money if you purchase them on sale. Using the flyers will help you discover when things are on sale!

Price Match

In conjunction with flyer shopping, you will save time and gas by doing all your shopping in one location. Stores like Walmart, Giant Tiger (Canada) and Superstore (Canada) will price match identical items from other local stores. If you’re able to price match a few items on sale from another store, it will save your valuable time and money. This is especially handy if you’re shopping with children in tow! Less traveling means happier children.

Use In Store Coupons or Collect In Store Points

Taking advantage of coupons offered in store if you frequent a specific store. Some stores also offer loyalty points for each shopping trip which can add up to save you money in the future! A local store near me offers a giant board filled with their current coupons at the front of the store, and they also have a loyalty program where you earn points based on the amount of money you spend in the store. The points are then redeemed for cash off of your order!

Manufacturer Coupons

Frequently companies will attach coupons directly to their products when they are on store shelves. Searching various websites will also give you access to these coupons as well. Using them in conjunction with any of the money saving methods I mentioned above will save you even more! Companies such as Pampers and Nestle will even offer coupons you can print directly from their website. It pays to shop around and do your research!

Buy Produce in Season

The price of produce is downright ridiculous, particularly in the winter where I live. Produce has to be imported and it can become very costly very quickly. Aside from shopping the sales, buying produce frozen can also save you a lot of money. Frozen fruit and vegetables will offer similar taste and texture but at a fraction of the cost.

If you much prefer fresh produce, consider substitutions. Often times spinach will be cheaper to purchase than lettuce in the winter months, and apples cheaper than berries. Choosing substitutions can save a lot!

Use Cash Back Apps

One of my favourite cash back apps is Checkout 51. Checkout 51 gives monetary rewards for products they feature each week. You simply purchase that product, take a photo of your receipt and upload it through the app and in exchange you receive a credit for that amount to your account! Whenever you achieve $20 in credits, you have the option to cash out and they will mail you a check. It’s such a simple app to use, and who can say no to better savings? Use my code below to sign up and begin saving today!


Buy Store Brand for Basics

Often times store brand and name brand products are produced in the same factory. Things like flour, oats, spices, breads and chips are often produced side by side and just packaged differently. You could save a lot of money buying off brand for simple pantry basics – sometimes a few dollars! All those dollars add up to a big saving at the end of your grocery bill.


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