Holiday Rankings (Journalwithme#26)

Christmas time is here… and it’s gone already. Christmas time is my favourite family holiday of the entire year, with Thanksgiving trailing at a close second. This year my daughter is just under two years of age, and she’s beginning to embrace the magic which made the holiday so much more enjoyable.

Last week’s question (I know for shame, blame the holidays) asks: “What is your favourite holiday?” Well, this question has a straight forward answer: Christmas.

The reason I love Christmas so much? Well it’s a bit more complex than that. Christmas gives me the classic family feel that I crave when the weather is so awful. It brings the warmth on those negative forty degree nights. The magic of Christmas helps me return to my youth and brings back the memories of my childhood. I love spending time with my family, and playing board games together, just relaxing and enjoying each other’s company.

Sure the pressure is there for decorations, meals and of course presents. The presents aren’t that big of a concern anymore because the only one I aim to please now is my daughter. We do a $50 secret Santa with my siblings, their spouses and my parents, and a few simple gifts with my in laws. This takes a load of pressure off. It’s more fun to watch a child open gifts and seeing the delight in their eyes. This makes the cost of Christmas worth it to me.

So yes, Christmas is at the top. How do all the other holidays rank? Well let’s see.

Melissa’s Holiday Rankings from Best to Worst

  1. Christmas. See above reasons. A
  2. Thanksgiving: good food, good company, and everyone is always happy after eating. Plus the turkey crafts the kids make are adorable. A-
  3. Halloween: I love spooky things, witches, ghosts and being scared. This holiday is the perfect time to indulge in this guilty pleasure. B+
  4. Valentine’s Day: it’s a nice day to celebrate with my husband. We keep it casual, order in or make something new. We just hang out, the two of us, watch a movie or chill. It’s nice to relax and remember why we fell in love. No gifts, no pressure. B
  5. New Years Eve: it’s fun to plan for the upcoming year and reminisce about the year that just passed. I loved spending those nights with my friends in my youthful days. Now I just go to bed at 10pm and celebrate the next day. C+
  6. Easter: the concept of the Easter bunny is kind of silly to me, and it’s a dentist’s favourite holiday. I hate the dentist. C
  7. Canada day: BBQ’s, summertime and fireworks? This holiday ten years ago would’ve had a better grade. Now I wind up with jerky neighbors who set off fireworks at midnight and smash beer bottles on the road. All that noise keeps my whole house up. Yes I’m an old grouch at heart. D+
  8. St. Patrick’s Day: the worst holiday. People just use it as an excuse to get excessively drunk. Is this even a holiday? F

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