My Perfect Outfit (Journalwithme#24)

I know I know I skipped last week. Last week’s question talked about creating a family tree with your immediate family. Obviously, as this is the internet, I was not going to post all my personal information out there. I mean I might as well have posted my credit card number and license plate too right?

Anyway I have yet another excuse for why I’ve been so absent with my posting – but I can’t share it yet. Stay tuned for that fun announcement! This week’s Journal with Me question asks me to describe my perfect outfit.

Clearly when I was thinking of these questions, I did not take into account any details that could surround this question and left it as vague as possible. So, does that mean like a casual outfit? Date night? Fancy event? In my interpretation, I’m going to create the outfit that showcases the number one most important thing about fashion – comfort.

When you dress for comfort it’s all about the feel of the clothes. I would need a soft cotton tank top, with a fuzzy warm sweater over top. A loose sweater I may add, baggier the better. Pair that with some super comfortable black leggings or jeans if they’re the ones I stretched into oblivion, and add a pair of warm wooly socks. If I’m at home, substitute either of those pants for my, as my husband calls them, red parachute pants. They are quite essentially pajama pants made out of fleece that are two sizes too big for me but DAMN ARE THEY COMFY. Complete the outfit with a luscious mom bun and glasses and voila. Perfect outfit for laying around the house, reading in bed, hanging out with your kids or running to the store.

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