Sentimental Material Possessions (Journalwithme#23)

This week’s question asks me to describe the five most important material objects I own, and why they’re so special to me. Material objects used to be a bigger deal to me before I had a child. Now, a lot of them are just collecting dust and not being used at all. Here is a list of some of my favourite things.

1. My Laptop

My laptop is incredibly important to me. It houses all of my creative works including novels I’ve begun, photographs I’ve taken of my family and of clients, videos from my daughters life, important documents and much more. This computer holds near everything that is important to me in cyber space.

2. My DSLR

My fancy camera is another very important object to me. It allows for me to capture my daughters life in amazing quality. I am in love with the photos this camera takes.

3. My iPhone

My iPhone is my communication device. It keeps me in contact with the world. I don’t have a land line, so this is the only method of communication I have with the outside world. It’s a necessity to keep in contact with family and friends, with WordPress and keeping up to date with what is happening in the world.

4. My Bears

I have a small collection of stuffed animals that I’ve become attached to over the years, one of which is Boo Boo (is you don’t know who he is, scroll down a few posts to learn about him!). These bears are comforting and a representation of my childhood. I hope they will become heirlooms one day.

5. My Journals.

These are my most inner thoughts and musings that I’ve been recording since I was fourteen years old. These journals show a more intimate area of my life and I love looking back and seeing what life was like back then.

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