Morning Person or Night Owl? (Journalwithme#22)

If you had asked me this question five years ago, my response would have completely different. So many things have changed the last few years that have altered my perspective on life, and reorganized my priorities.

Five years ago I would have assumed the title of night owl. I did my best work at night. My creativity seemed to peak between ten and eleven pm, right when most people would be drifting off to sleep. I would write my musings in a journal, or indulge in a fantastic novel, or be jotting down ideas for creating my own novel at that time. Now, five years later, my life has completely changed.

I had a child. This dictator dictates when I wake each morning and how my day will proceed. I have been forced to rescind the title of night owl, and I was jammed into the molding for my new role of “morning person.” Although this title is here right now (with the help of a daily dose of coffee), I will relish the return of my true self, an owl of the night.

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