My Childhood Comfort Object (Journalwithme#21)

This week’s question asks about your childhood comfort object. Did you have one? If so what was it? Where is it now? Any find memories?

My childhood comfort object is a teddy bear named Booboo. He has been around for nearly 33 years. My father used to be a regional manager in a popular retail store in the 90s. He was in charge of deciding which product was chosen to be sold in the stores. Booboo came in as a sample for that product, but he was not picked up by the chain. My dad ended up paying a dime for him, and brought him home as a gift for my mother. He became mine four years later when I was born.

Booboo has been around for everything. He’s traveled the world. He’s been on airplanes, RV trips down the east coast, on multiple cruises, to fancy resorts in the Caribbean and he’s been a part of the biggest journey of my life – in the hospital with me as I gave birth to my daughter.

He was a comfort to me during fights my parents had, during scary storms and blackouts, during breakups, and as something secure to hold onto as I slept in unfamiliar places like hotels. He has been to more places than my husband has! I’m so grateful to have him. He’s been a part of my journey and he’s been a comforting companion my entire life.


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