Dinner with the Dead (Journalwithme#19)

Ironic that all these questions surrounding death are appearing in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. I love the creepy, dark atmosphere that surrounds the tales of horror whilst balancing it with jack-o-lanterns and goofy ghosts for my daughter.

This week’s questions asks:

“If you could have dinner with any three people, dead or alive, real or fictional, who would they be and why?”

This question has SO MANY possibilities. The people that I would have seated at that table would be enormous. It would resemble the table The Who’s all sat at for Christmas dinner in the cartoon rendition of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” It’s so difficult choosing only three, so I will base it solely off of how I feel this instant as I write.

The first person I would have at my table is my maternal grandfather. I do not know much about my mothers side of the family, and I feel like he would be an amazing person to talk to in order to learn more about that side. He was a professor while he was alive, so clearly he was an intelligent man. He was a family man who my mother loved dearly, and she misses him quite a bit. Besides my own selfish reason of wanting to know that side of the family, it would be amazing for my mother to get to see him again.

The second person seated at my table would be Hermione Granger. She is an amazing intellectual who I would love to learn everything about the wizarding world from. She is insightful and brave, well mannered and empathetic, clever yet sarcastically comical. Harry Potter changed my childhood, and I grew up invested in the world with its characters. She would have so much to add to the conversation and I respect her a great deal. If I couldn’t have Hermione Granger herself, I would settle for Emma Watson because she too is all the adjectives I used to describe Hermione. Besides the obvious difference of Hermione being a witch and Emma clearly not, Emma would add a political element to my table since she is such an advocate for feminism and women’s rights. Win win.

The third and final person I would have at my table would be Ellen Degeneres. She is one of the most influential people alive right now. She has the biggest heart, and is always trying to help somebody somewhere. I feel like she and I would be laughing and cracking jokes all night, along with conversing about the worlds most important topics. She is an amazing human and it would be a complete honor to meet her. Plus I mean, she would bring some excitement to the dinner wouldn’t you say?

These people would all be incredible to have at a dinner party. There are so many others on my list who would be awesome to have for different reasons. I mean, these people could answer some of life’s biggest mysteries. People like Jesus Christ, the Dalai lama, Nelson Mandela, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Mother Teresa… my list of those who have passed goes on and on. I would have other literary figures there, influential celebrities and people who live that sort of lifestyle would also be considered for the list. It would be very neat to hear everyone’s take on the world. In fact, sign me up for that Whoville Dinner. I may need that giant table.


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