Sweet Charity (Journalwithme#18)

I can’t believe I’ve been doing this series for nearly 18 weeks now. This is insanity. This week’s question asks:

“What charitable cause is close to your heart?”

For this question, I have a few charitable causes in mind. There are so many amazing charities out there and they help out millions of people each year. Some support families in crisis, some support children or people battling serious illness, some offer refuge to those without safe homes, some protect children, animals or the vulnerable. There are too many amazing organizations to only select one as my favourite, or closest to my heart

Any charity who cares for animals always pulls at my heart strings. Wildlife sanctuaries, shelters, private homes caring for unwanted pets – all these charities protect animals who otherwise have no voice to stand up for themselves.

Charities who support families dealing with crisis or illness are another group that stand out. Charities who are devoted to providing support and protection to children and vulnerable people are needed more and more each day. The world is such a scary place, and everyone needs a support system in order to survive.

It’s so important to remember that not everyone is given the same opportunity in life and that so many people are oppressed due to circumstances beyond their control. These charities are giving them that chance.

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