Writing my Eulogy (Journalwithme#17)

Another morbid topic for 11 pm on the Friday this entry is due. I believe the original question asked for a eulogy, but I must’ve wrote that in error. I believe a eulogy is someone else’s perspective on ones life. I wouldn’t want to write the eulogy from my perspective, I would want people to recount my life from their perspectives.

Regardless, a eulogy and obituary are both filled with tons of private information, sensitive information and since I am still living, I prefer to keep that information private. I will leave a snippet of what I write in my own personal journal below.

Melissa G

She was a woman of words. She earned the nickname Gabby by her father at a young age because she couldn’t keep her thoughts to herself. She needed to be in the know always. She asked complex questions – some that people were cautious to answer, but it was always Melissa who would break the ice and start those awkward conversations for the sake of the knowledge.

Family was very important to her. She made sure to express how she felt to those she loved on a regular basis. She loved her husband and her daughter will all her heart, and did what she could to make sure they received everything they needed.

That’s all I can handle right now. What would yours say?

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