A Childhood Bucket List for My Daughter

There are certain triggers within life that will help you remember old memories – certain smells, the way your hair blows in the wind, hearing a familiar old song or watching a nostalgic movie for example. These triggers all tie in with memories throughout your life. While I was perusing old family photos the other day, I came across a few that brought back some memories from my own childhood and it made me want to share those experiences with my daughter when she gets older. As I continued looking through the photos, I remembered more fond memories from my childhood and I began to compile a list.

Childhood Bucket List for My Daughter

  • Camping in a quiet, forested area. I want her to experience the nature firsthand, exploring the campground, swim in the lake and just embrace the wild free from plastic toys and screens.
  • Visiting an amusement park. There was no greater joy in my childhood than visiting an amusement park. There was one that we visited frequently, and I loved riding the rollercoasters and soaking in the atmosphere. There was so much thrill, and excitement and it was something new to do.
  • ✔️Enjoying an ice cream cone from our local parlor. We have this small town local ice cream shop that I can’t wait for her to enjoy her first cone from. It’s a hot spot for all the children in this area and it’s not unusual to see it packed during the summer nights.

  • Walking down by the boardwalk. A few towns over, there is a town that has a boardwalk along a wide river that is a channel for shipping vessels. There’s a park nearby with a splash pad and a small restaurant. I feel like this would make for a beautiful summer evening out.
  • Teaching her how to swim. In addition to it being a necessary life skill, it’s a ton of fun! She will enjoy splashing in the water or floating in swimming pools on hot summer days.
  • Traveling across the ocean with her. I want to visit new places, embrace other cultures and enjoy sharing in these discoveries with her. I want her to experience everything that I was privileged to experience.
  • Encourage her passions and dreams. Let her know that failing is okay, that it usually presents as an opportunity to try something differently or it opens a new window to a new possibility.
  • Have her document her life. I want to let her have a little digital camera to capture memories of her own, in her view, at her height with her vision. It would be amazing to put these photos in little albums so she can retain a physical reminder of the memory forever.
  • Encourage journaling. By recording her thoughts, she’s able to later reflect back on them and read about her experiences as she first experienced them. I love journaling and I hope she shares this passion.

If you have any others to contribute, I would love to hear them! Thanks for reading.

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