Childhood Memories (Journalwithme#15)

This week’s question asks:

“What triggers your childhood memories?”

The simple answer is anything that is activated through my senses. Each sense triggers familiar memories and I feel the need to share them. I’m totally going to be the “back in my day” mom when my daughter asks about certain things or complains about something.

Specific memories attached to each sense appear at the most random times, but they’re so rewarding. I get to relive (mostly) positive memories from my past that I may have forgotten about. Here are some specific examples.

Sight – I was looking for a birthday card at Walmart, which is located across from the magazines. My daughter was babbling away in the grocery cart, and I was reading all the funny cards. She threw something on the ground, and when I turned to pick it up I caught a glimpse of a teenage magazine from my childhood, J14. Instantly I was brought back to slumber parties with my girlfriends, filled with candy and gossip until the wee hours of the morning.

Smell – for my birthday this year, I requested to go to a local apple orchard. We took the wagon to where the trees were, and as we approached we were overwhelmed with the smell of fresh, sweet apples. I remembered all the past times I had come with my family, and past family dogs who are no longer with us and I felt my heart warm that I was passing on the memories to my own daughter.

Taste – every time my mom makes something Colombian, I instantly think of my grandmother’s house and all of her cooking. She makes the best soups, and I miss being there. It triggers all of the memories I had in Colombia with my friends, and all the vibrant culture. I miss being there.

Sound – certain songs remind me of different things. Every time I hear “My Sacrifice” by creed, I remember the plane ride back from Colombia and how sad I was to be leaving. If I hear older rock tunes, I get drawn back to memories of old road trips to my aunt and uncles house for thanksgiving, which was an eight hour drive through a few busy cities. Songs are amazing for helping a person retain memory.

Touch – I still receive a chill up my spine when a child pinches their finger somewhere. That white hot burn, that horrible feeling all comes flooding back. I remember my neighbor accidentally slamming my hand in a car door when we were going home for the weekend from our university dorm. Not exactly a pleasant memory, but definitely one that will stay with me forever.

What memories are triggered by your five senses? Let me know below!

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