The BEST Kids Items to Buy Secondhand!

Like most families I’ve spoken to, our family is on a budget. New books, clothes, furniture and toys can be costly, and a few items can make a trip very expensive rather quickly! Our family buys many things second hand, and put the difference towards other expenses like groceries and electricity. Here are some items that may be worth purchasing second hand.


Save your money for the books your children really love! By buying children’s books secondhand, you’re not only saving yourself money but you’re also encouraging a love for reading and helping to prevent these books from entering landfills. The best place to purchase these books are from thrift stores, garage sales and used book stores.


Kids outgrow clothing so quickly so what is the point of buying a new wardrobe every few months? It will cost hundreds of dollars per year and your child will probably outgrow some things before they even get some wear! Check out swap and sell sites on Facebook, consignment stores and garage sales for a great variety of children’s clothes in all sizes. Some people sell them in lots, some sell the pieces individually so you can pick and choose what you want your child to wear. The savings are incredible!

Furniture (with exceptions!)

When we were searching for nursery furniture, I perused the used items in my local swap and sell groups and on Kijiji to see if I could find a deal. I was specifically looking for a glider chair, because they are expensive to buy new. I managed to find one locally for around $60 compared to the $299 sticker price new! The bookshelf in the top photo was purchased at a garage sale for $2, and it’s made of solid wood! We painted it to match the rest of the furniture in her room. Bookshelves, shelving above dressers, end tables and dressers are all wonderful things to purchase used, and if you’re able to refinish the item it’s completely worth it. I ended up purchasing my daughters dresser new because there were none like the style I was envisioning for sale. Things I would NOT recommend you buy used are cribs, mattresses or car seats.

Sleep Sacks and GroBags

If your child uses sleep sacks or grobags, places like Kijiji or swap and sells can be excellent places to find these items in great condition for half the price! A Grobag retails for around $70 new, and I’ve purchased them for as little as $10 on a swap and sell Facebook page! It’s totally worth the effort of trying to find one if you can save that amount of money! Just make sure you thoroughly inspect it and clean it well before your child uses it.


Unless you are purchasing a travel system (a stroller with a car seat included), I would recommend buying a stroller used! The prices for new strollers are astronomical, and more often than not you can find them for a fraction of the price! Just make sure it reclines, folds flat and there is no excessive wear before you buy.


The eyes of any child light up when they see tables and tables filled with new (to them) toys at a garage sale, and they’re a fraction of the price you would pay new! You may not find super popular toys in these garage sales, but the great classics will always be there! Blocks, cars, pop up tents, board games, Barbie dolls and many more items are always present in any garage sale with toys.

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