My Final Meal (Journalwithme#13)

This week’s journal question is slightly morbid:

Describe your death row meal.

Ok. First of all, why would I be on death row? What would I have done that would’ve been so bad that I wound up on death row? I’m definitely not a violent person by any means, and I am not one who would want to intentionally cause harm to anyone by committing fraud or by spilling national secrets or something. The only reason I can think of is if my mama bear instincts kicked in if someone threatened my family – especially my daughter.

Anyway back to the question at hand. My death row meal would be a combination of all my favourite things. I would want some Colombian food due to my Colombian heritage, so there would definitely be some arepas and plantain chips. I’d have to have some extra cheesy pizza too, and lots of cake and sweets. Nanaimo bars and brownies for sure. Screw vegetables! If it was my last meal on earth I’d be eating all the tasty, none of the healthy.

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