The Importance of Self Documenting

I am (if you cannot tell already) a HUGE genealogy nerd. I love anything that has to do with discussing the history of my family, and learning about how we came to be where we are today.

Recently I renewed my ancestry membership after about a year of using free alternatives such as, and I was delighted to find information posted by other users for relatives I didn’t know anything about.

One person posted a series of documents that told the tale of one of my ancestors, who was born in 1795. He had sat down with a few different people, who conducted interviews when he was in his elder years to talk about his life and his journey from Europe over to Canada. It was absolutely fascinating to imagine a world entirely different from ours, told by an ancestor with whom I share DNA.

I regularly write journal entries, and my goal is to use them as reference as I grow older and for my children to be able to read them and see how life was whenever I was younger. I wrote about my homes, my family, my schooling, my friends… pretty much anything and everything.

I just want to stress how important these things are to your future family. I’m compiling a book about my line and my husband’s family line so that future generations can read all the stories about our family’s heritage through the eyes of someone who has either lived it, or first hand researched it. Do the same for yours. Document your life.

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