Am I Like my Parents? (Journalwithme#12)

This week’s question is another deep conundrum:

“Are you like your parents in any way? What are the similarities and differences between you and your parents?”

My parents and I share very minimal similarities. My father and I enjoy politics and trivia, and we’re always up for a debate. My mother and I share a love for children and family. We’re both obsessed with my daughter and watching her grow. Each new milestone my daughter achieves brings my mother and I closest together.

There are a lot of differences between my parents and I. There are a lot of personal issues that I won’t dive into on a public forum. Our differences in how we parent is substantial. How I behave around my child, the language I use, the food I serve her and what kind of routine I have her in is all very different from what my parents did with me.

The benefits of having my parents do what they did is that they showed me certain things I wasn’t comfortable doing around my daughter, and made me realize which behaviors I needed to protect my daughter from. My parents are sweet, loving people but some things we just cannot agree on… and that’s okay with me.

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