20 Beautiful Girl Names Straight Out of the Family Tree

Adeline French noble, nobility. Adeline has inspired a new era of names like Adalyn and Adele. The popularity of Adeline peaked in the 1880s and dipped sharply around the 1950s. It returned to the top 100 in the 2000s. Adeline is such a sweet name, perfect for any little girl.

Alice German noble. I’m seeing a bit of a trend here. Alice is a strong yet sweet name. It has inspired many in works of literature (Alice in Wonderland), music (Alice in Chains) and is a timeless classic that is grandma approved. Variations of this name include Alyse and Allison.

Anna Hebrew grace. Anna is a very popular older name that still sounds modern to this day. Anna is in many works of literature, and is a simple, charming name.

BlancheFrench white. Blanche and its Spanish form Bianca are two of my favourite names. They sound romantic and feminine, and they’re both less popular names.

Bridget Irish strength or exalted one. Bridget is a very strong name. It comes from the Gaelic name Brighid. Bridget is used a lot in modern pop culture, and was recently used for the main character of a book “Bridget Jones Diary.”

Catherine Greek pure. Catherine is a classic name. It has been used in many alternative forms, and it’s full form is commonly used as a middle name. From Catherine we also get Kaitlin, Katie and many more variations.

Cecelia Latin blind. Although it’s name meaning is rather dim, Cecelia is a beautiful and very common old name. There are many modern variations of the name (Cece, Celia for example) and it works perfectly as either a first name or a middle name.

Clara Latin bright, clear. This name has the complete opposite meaning to the name above. It’s been on the rise in popularity once again, and it was popular in the 1880s when silent screen film star Clara Bow was big. It is also the name of the little girl in the Nutcracker, the classic Christmas story.

Elizabeth Hebrew pledged to God. This name is probably one of the most famous female names in history. It has been used throughout the British monarchy, and has been a staple within family. It works well as both a first and middle name. It’s one of those names that flows, plus it has a ton of nickname potential. Lizzie? Beth? Eliza? Adorable.

Elvira Spanish white, fair. This name is one of my favorites on the list. I would use it for my own child because it has a special meaning coming out of my own family tree. It’s unique in the sense that it isn’t so popular anymore, and it has a classy vibe. Like the name above, it also comes with an abundance of cute nicknames and it’s a great alternative to a lot of the popular names out there like Ella, Elle and Emily.

Harriet French estate ruler. This name has a lot of pop culture references associated with it, one of the most famous being Harriet the Spy. Harriet has also popped up in movies like Wild Child and on tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy. It’s an English version of the French name Henriette, but personally I think Harriet is much nicer.

Jane English God is gracious. Jane is another famous name that is incredibly popular as both a middle name and first name. It’s a classic, strong name that has been around for generations. It originated in England and was especially popular within the monarchy. Most recently, a tv series featured this name “Jane the Virgin.”

Lavinia Latin Lavinium, an ancient place. Lavinia grew popular during the Victorian era, and was originally the name of the wife of Aeneas, who is considered to be a hero amongst the Roman people.

Lillian Latin derived from the name Elizabeth, but also means lily flower. The lily flower is symbolic of innocence and purity. It is becoming more and more popular recently as the popularity of Lily increases.

Lottie English free man. It is a short form of the name Charlotte which is a very popular name right now. It was a popular nickname, and it is a very pretty name all on its own. The movie “A Little Princess” always comes to mind when I think of the name Lottie.

Mabel Latin lovable. Whenever you think of a classic old lady name, Mabel is one of the first to come to kind. It is a pretty name, and a short form of the name Amabel, which coincidently was never as popular as Mabel was.

Margaret greek pearl. Margaret is another one of those old lady names. It is also a classic middle name, often paired with a more trendy first name. Margaret has not dipped too much in popularity, and is still in the top 150 names today.

Rachel Hebrew ewe. Rachel was an extremely popular name for decades. Even now, it’s common to hear this name while walking along the street. It is an influential biblical name, with Rachel being the wife of Jacob.

Rebecca Hebrew servant of God. This name is another biblical name. Rebecca was the wife of Isaac. Rebecca is still a fairly common name, with more common nicknames like Becca and Becky being used in its place. Most recently Becca was used by the main character in the Pitch Perfect movie series.

Viola Latin violet. Last but not least, one of the prettiest names in my opinion. Viola is a less common version of the name Violet which has steadily risen to the level of popularity is currently achieved. It is also the name of the lead character in Shakespeare’s “The Twelfth Night.”

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