Describing My Dream Home (Journalwithme#10)

I love lists. I love lists that are point form, and short and sweet. This week’s journal question asks me to “describe my dream home.” I thought I would answer in the form of a list, since it is so nice and neat.


At first, I thought a subdivision would be the right fit for me. I thought having a larger lot, an acre for example, and houses around me would be an ideal scenario. I still love the idea of living within a community to give my daughter built in friends who live close by. The older I get, the more I prefer my privacy and serenity. My ideal location now would be on a large, treed property (10+ acres), close enough to town that I wouldn’t burn a tank of gas to get some eggs, but far enough away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I’d love to be close to a small town ideally.


I’ve always been in love with the concept of a two story home. There is just something so familiar and warm about a large two story. If I were to design it, it would:

  • Be a grey brick with a black roof.
  • Have a wrap around porch that extends to the rear of the property.
  • Have a long, winding driveway with nature trees lining it.
  • Have an in ground pool.
  • Have an outdoor fire pit with a small patio surrounding it.
  • A sunroom to enjoy those summer evenings without the bugs.
  • An exuberant vegetable garden and a well manicured lawn.
  • A tree house for the kids and a playground.
  • A large separate garage outbuilding for my husband’s projects.
  • Interior
    • Four bedrooms ideally, plus a large office/den space.
      Hardwood floors throughout, except the bedrooms which are carpeted.
      A dream kitchen.
      A large fireplace in the living room with a large space for a Christmas tree.
      A view from the family room to hang bird feeders to watch the birds.
      A beautiful ensuite complete with tub.
      A circular staircase with a chandelier dangling from the second story.
      A miniature library within the office space.
      A playroom for the children.
      A large storage space for all of our decorations.
      A beautiful laundry room with sinks and a folding table.

    If only, if only.

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