All About Bandit (Journalwithme#9)

This week’s question is about my favourite furry pal.

“Do you have any pets? Did you ever consider having pets if you don’t?”

Allow me to introduce… Bandit. Bandit is a 20 pound, six year old mutt that we adopted in 2012. He was supposed to be a “Morkie” (Maltese/Yorkshire terrier mix) but he ended up looking more Pekingese than anything. We adopted him from a small town about an hour away from the city we were living in at the time.

Bandit is a huge lover of the outdoors. He enjoys spending time outside so much that sometimes he refuses to come back into the house at the end of the day. He is boisterous, fun loving and energetic. His favourite toys are anything that squeak or bounce. He loves playing fetch, and can chase a soccer ball for hours.

He is a snuggly doggie too. He is very smart, and knows a lot of words and commands. He is a people pleaser, and enjoys being called a good boy. He is good with my daughter, but he is skittish with other children. He needs a lot of reassurance, but he is well loved in our home and he knows it.

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