The Great Outdoors or the Comfy Couch?(Journalwithme#8)

This week’s question is fairly straightforward:

“Are you more of an indoor or outdoor person?”

The answer is also fairly straight forward. The great outdoors is beautiful! It has wildlife and trees, lakes and oceans, beautiful blue skies and stormy rainy days. I love going camping, I love sitting on a porch overlooking the water and reading a book. I love watching my daughter play with her outside toys and see her face light up as she swings higher and higher. I love the outdoors because of its beauty. With this beauty comes to downside: bugs, cold, wind, frost, snow, the unknown behind the eyes hiding in the forest.

I love the indoors because of its comfort. The cozy blankets with feet up by the fire, the warm light dancing on the pages of my newest thriller, the plush couch as I perused my phone and watched Netflix, the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen… I could go on and on. I am forever and always an indoor girl, but I will enjoy the outdoors so long as I have people to enjoy it with.

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