Did I Choose the Right Career? (Journalwithme#7)

This week’s question touches on my career.

“What is your career? Why did you choose it? Was it your first choice? Would you go back and change it if you could start over?”

If I were to look back to when I graduated high school, I would have made a lot of different choices. I was given the choice of a scholarship to a school that was further away for a program I really wanted, yet I was pressured to remain close to my family and try a program that wasn’t everything I wanted.

My goal, since I was a child, was to be a teacher. I wanted to specifically be an elementary school teacher. I wanted to inspire the minds of tomorrow, help them enrich their lives with knowledge, and to make learning fun as cliche as that sounds.

What I ended up doing wasn’t too far from that, but it definitely wasn’t what I wanted originally. I graduated from an Early Childhood Education program and I worked in learning centers with infants through preschool aged children. After my maternity leave my over, the option was there to stay home to continue my teaching yet raise my own child at the same time. My daughter has made three little friends, and loves seeing them each and every day. It’s fun to watch her learn and grow while helping these other children meet their goals as well.

My eventual goal is to become a professor. I’d love to continue learning within this field, and be able to share my knowledge and experiences with the next class of ECE graduates. I would love to help develop the curriculum, deliver the knowledge and inspire the creative kinds of the future. One day.


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