Stereotyping my Parents? (Journalwithme#6)

This week’s topic enters into a very personal topic for me: my family. The question asks:

If you were to place your family and friends into stereotypical roles, what roles would they be assigned and why?

It is going to be hard to decide exactly who fits where, because stereotyping is not always the easiest task. Some people easily fit into multiple stereotypes. I suppose I may cheat a little on this question, and include multiple stereotypes.

Dad: Judgement John

My father is not the easiest man to get along with. His exterior is rather rugged and boarish, and he is an extremely negative person who can find fault with nearly everything. He places a big wall around to protect not only himself, but those closest to him. He judges people not only by their character, but by their appearance and life choices as well. Once you get to know him, however, he is a teddy bear.

Mom: Lost meets Shameless

My mom is the person who misplaced EVERYTHING: car keys, wallet, purse, anything. She just puts something down without thinking about what it where, and then can’t find it again. She is a big believer in what goes around comes around, and she has no shame in expressing how she feels or her giving her opinion on nearly every topic. My mother wants the best for everyone and always wants to help. She is an amazing person.

Father-in-Law: Chuckles the Clown

My father in law is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. He is compassionate, caring and he is totally in love with his grand daughter. He is always cracking jokes (even if they are cheap dad puns) and he never backs down from an intimate family gathering.

Mother-in-Law: Always Ready to Quietly Help

My mother in law is the other person who will always do anything to help. She never wants to intrude however, so sometimes it’s difficult to get what she’s trying to say out of her. She is such a nice, sweet woman with a voice to match. She is also in love with her granddaughter and her happiness shines whenever she is around her.

I decided not to do my friends, because I would have to pick and choose which friends to do. I found it easier to complete this for my parents and my in laws instead. Very interesting!


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