Describing Myself (Journalwithme#4)

This week’s journal entry asks:

What words would you want people to use to describe you? How do you achieve these words?

If this question had been asked five years ago, my answer would have been slightly different. Five years ago I was more focused on my career, but now my priorities have shifted since having a family.

The words I would choose are:

  • Driven.
  • Intuitive.
  • Intelligent.
  • Nurturing.
  • Respected.

Driven. My drive is what keeps me going. It’s what fuels my ambition and desire to better myself, my business, my website, my novel and my family. My drive keeps me focused on the long term goals and it pushes me to reach closer. It inspires me, and gives me motivation to keep going.

Intuitive. Sometimes you just know when something is right. Sometimes, without explanation, you’re able to instinctively do something without having any prior knowledge, or you have a feeling about what is best for yourself and your family. My intuition has given me clues about how to proceed in difficult situations, and it’s protected my family against suspected harm.

Intelligent. Without being cocky or condescending, I believe my intelligence plays a big factor in who I am. My intelligence allows me to continue learning every day, and it provides me with the knowledge to make confident yet comfortable decisions in my life. It also allows me to educate young minds each and every day in my home center.

Nurturing. I run a home daycare. It’s my business, it’s my career path, it’s one of my passions. In order for me to be successful in this career, I need to be nurturing. I need to be the source of comfort for these children and they need to know they can depend on me if they’re struggling and need a hand or if they’re hurt or sad.

Respected. Everybody wants to be respected. I hope that by the end of my life, I’ve earned the respect of everyone I’ve met. I want to be respected in some way, whether it’s for my ability as a writer, as a business owner, as a mother or a wife or just as a person.

I hope that anyone who knows me personally is able to use one of these words to describe me.

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