How I Chose my Daughter’s Name (Journalwithme#3)

This week’s journal question is:

“What names are you considering for your children? Are you wanting to have children? If you have children, what names did you choose for them and why?”

When my husband and I discovered we were having a baby girl, my mind was flooded with a thousand names. Names I had read in some of my favourite novels, names that I had heard in songs, and names that I associated with children I worked with (we didn’t choose any of those!).

We had a vague idea of the kind of name we wanted to choose. We wanted something that wasn’t extremely popular, but not something that was terribly unique either. We wanted something that represented who she would be professionally, a name that could be shortened as a child for more of a cutesy vibe but that allowed her to sound professional if she used her full name. Most important to me, however, was selecting a name that represented our family.

We had a list with a few names we liked, and none of them quite fit what we were looking for. Eventually while combing through the family tree, we made a wonderful discovery. The name at the top of both of our lists was a longer version of both of my husband’s grandmother’s names. It was fate. It was also the name of one of my favourite movie characters, a character from one of my favourite sitcoms, and it sounded professional and could be shortened to something cute for when she was younger. It was perfect.

We decided that since her first name paid tribute to his side of the family, that it was only fair that her middle name honor mine. We ended up choosing a name of a relative who did a lot for our family. She was somebody who was a kind, loving soul in life and she would’ve been thrilled. She was my great aunt, the sister of my grandmother. I won’t reveal my daughter’s name because alas, this is the internet, and I wish for her privacy to remain her own.

We don’t have another girls name, but we do have a few candidates for the boys name and again, they follow the family tree. There are a few names that aren’t in our family that stand out and it will be fun deciding on his name if I am ever blessed with a son.

It’s important to take the time to choose a name. Yell it out the back door, write it with prestigious titles in front of it and think of how it would sound with your last name. Whatever you decide, it is your life and your child’s life, and I’m sure you will decide on a beautiful name.

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